If someone were to ask you to sign your child’s teeth away, would you? If someone were to ask you to sign up for five years of jury duty or prison time, would you? I would hope not. As ridiculous as these questions are then let me ask you something else. If a petitioner were to ask you if you liked Obamacare and you said, “No!” And they said, “Then sign this petition to get rid of Obamacare. “ Would you sign it? Let’s dig a little deeper? What if they “forgot” to mention that the petition you were now signing to get rid of Obamacare actually increased your income tax by another 10% (4% straight from you 6% from your employer). Not only would your income tax increase but you would also be signing that you wanted a board of political appointees who have no balances to keep them honest and in check and who would have a 37 billion dollar budget from our taxes to start with in charge of this new health care system. They would have the option to increase our taxes every year to whatever degree they thought best. They would also reduce everyone in the medical field’s salaries. Would you trust that they wouldn’t use the money for their own self interest? However, these pieces are not mentioned.

If I were to trade an old car in with a faulty radiator and in exchange got an older car with even more work that needed to be done, would I be the wiser or would I show my ignorance because I did not do my research? Sadly, this is what we face too often today. And yes, the above scenario is one that happened right here in Colorado. We are often blinded by emotional words such as “Be patriotic” “Do your duty”. Is not our duty to study the issues? Did not our Founding Fathers and almost all who lived in America during the Colonial years study the issues?

Did you know that people used to go to court by choice to watch how a case was played out? They did this because they wanted to understand the process. Let’s do the same. Let’s study out the words of the candidates instead of what the candidate “supposedly” said. Let’s study the suggested amendments to the state constitutions so that when we vote we truly know what we are voting. Let’s not sell our freedom for a mess of pottage that pottage being laziness in learning. There is an entire election before us. May we do our duty so that the sacrifice of so many does not go unremembered and unheeded. May we prove that we are not entitled but truly grateful for this great country that we can call our own.




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