Goodness of Man

I believe that people are innately good. This is a belief I hold in my heart and see daily as I interact with so many in the grocery store, at meetings, church, classes, restaurants, almost everywhere. Take for example the waitress at a restaurant my husband and I went to on our weekly date. This waitress went out of her way to make our evening enjoyable. She did so many little extra things for us that I felt quite special by meals end. Was she hoping for a great tip? I would hope so. She did her job exceptionally. I’ve been a waitress. I know the work that goes in to the job. At the end of the meal it was the human interaction, the truly caring that made me feel special. This was just a simple interaction with someone I will probably never see again and yet it showed such goodness.

Another person who saw greatness in men and women was Abraham Lincoln. Hence it pained his soul deeply to see such hate and violence of so many on both sides of the Civil War. It tore at his heartstrings to watch his Cabinet quarrel and his legislative body try to tear down all he had worked to build up. Yet in the face of such adversity and at times downright animosity and intrigue Abraham Lincoln never lost his belief in the innate goodness of the individual. I imagine that if he had he never would have survived his divided cabinet. Yet he not only kept them together for a crucial time in history, he also brought out many of their strengths.


Abraham Lincoln

One more example of someone who believes in the innate goodness of man. God. Didn’t He send us here to prove we could return to Him someday, to prove we would obey Him? Is this not the greatest show of faith in placing us on this earth, giving us a chance to prove ourselves? To me it is. To me, it shows the utmost faith in man, woman, and child.


Does innate goodness mean a person is always right? Absolutely not. Too often we can pick up the wrong trumpet and call out to a battle for which we feel passionate. We see this daily too, especially amidst social media, rallies, etc. Yet I believe that deep down within us is the innate goodness of the being, the very soul of man. And within that soul is greatness if we but choose to live a principled life. And so within this loud, often rough and rude world I hope we will stop and look for the goodness in our fellow being. I believe as we find it we will find a common ground that can reach beyond all political, social, religious, educational, etc biases and truly change the course of the world one person at a time.